Review of ‘After the Light Parade’ by Art O’Briain – Film Maker

“Not only was the parade around the buildings impressive and imaginative, the gathering together around the fire sculptures and the Lord of the Lights throne, with music, lights and small enactments was quite spectacular and so many people were present to participate and mark the event is testament to it s potency and strength. And future possibilities. This was, to my mind, community arts at it’s very finest and the level of co operation, sharing and collaboration, from so many sections of the education system- preschool to primary, Youthreach to GMIT Letterfrack, to VTOS – made this a remarkable and memorable event”.

Conamara Sea Week 2013 – Reviews and Articles

>  Article in the Connemara Journal Newspaper by Leo Hallissey
>  Reviews of Sea Week 2013 in the Connemara Journal
>  Review of After the Light 2013 by Tim and Ros Birch


“We are deeply indebted to the CEECC who have worked so diligently to develop environmental awareness in the local community, in the schools and indeed at national level. The contribution is invaluable, indeed essential. Through seminars, exhibitions, field studies, publications and a host of other activities, they have contributed most impressively to our understanding of the great bounty nature has bestowed upon us.”
Dr. Patrick J. Hillary, President of Ireland 1976-1990


“I am delighted to be associated with the pioneering work of Conamara Environmental Educational & Cultural Centre. I congratulate them on their inspiring work”
President Michael D. Higgins


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