Let Loose in Letterfrack


Let Loose in Letterfrack – 2003

Click the play button below to hear a portion of each track.

  Josephine Marsh, Mick Kinsella & Padraig O’Broin – Carolan’s Cap / Miss Monaghan’s

Mary Finn & Colm Kenny – Con Cassidy’s 1 & 2

Sean Tyrrell – The Rose of Avonmore

Maire Breathnach – Angels Candles

Letterfrack National School – The Cuigiu Lasses / Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part

Tola Custy & Mirella Murrey – Connie O’Connells

  Moya Cannon – Timbre

Pam Conroy – Mavourneen

Laoise Kelly – Putting It Off

Michael Hynes & Sean Tyrrell – Rolling in the Rye Grass / The Traveller

Maria Sheridan – Who Put the Blood?

Moya Cannon – Winter Birds

  The McCarthy Sisters – Molly Brannigan’s / Sporting Nell

Luka Bloom – I’m a Bogman

The Mystery Jam Band – Mystery Train



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