Deep Sadness at CEECC

Deep Sadness at CEECC

We are all deeply saddened at the passing of our dearest friend and colleague Aingeal Ni Chonghaola, who was a founding member of CEECC(1984). She was the voice of Bog Week and Sea Week on Radio na Gaeltachta and TG4.
Her vibrant warm presence lit up every gathering and helped her create an eclectic group of real friends scattered throughout Ireland and the world.

Aingeal was a full blooded Connemara woman, proud of her birth place, Rosmuc, in the heart of the Gaeltacht. She had a profound interest in language and culture. Aingeal travelled widely and her natural curiosity led her to engage with many topics which led to vibrant discussions that went on into the small hours. Aingeal was a huge everyday presence in all our lives – for over 35 years – her passing creates a huge void.

We are trying to fill that void with positives – trying to be grateful for time spent, yarns told, and music enjoyed in her company. Aingeal passed away in the loving embrace of Galway Hospice, surrounded by family and friends during her final days.

I think her wish for us might be:
“ continue to reach out, stay open and positive, walk gently on the earth, and have fun – make Art “

We will shortly give details of a project “ Trees for Aingeal”. This project will honour the memory of a very special person and will ensure her continuous presence in our hearts.

We extend our sincere sympathy to the family and friends of Aingeal.

Míle slán leat a chara na dílseachta,
Trom ár nosna inniú,
Géar an tocht bróin
Ag scaradh leat a Aingeal.

Duairc, dealbh an t-áras feasta go d’uireasa,
Easbach an comhluadar.

Cuimhní geala ceathrú céid a mhairfidh,
Ag tabhairt sóláis dúinn

Micheál Ó Cuaig

Oh the comfort,
The inexpressible comfort,
Of feeling safe with a person.
Having neither to weigh thoughts,
Nor measure words.
But to pour them all out.
Chaff and grain together,
Knowing that a faithful hand
Will take them and sift them,
Keep what is worth keeping
And then with the breath of kindness,
Blow the rest away.

George Elliott

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