Behind the Mist


Behind the Mist – 2000

Music from Conamaras’ Bog and Sea weeks.

Click the play button below to hear a portion of each track.

Davy Spillane- Port na bPucai (Air)

  The Mary Finn Group – George Whites/Reaveys Reels (Air)

The Kane Sisters – The High and Low Roads to Glin (Reels)

Sean Tyrrell – Connie’s Song (Mo Bhron ar an bhFarraige)

The Josephine Marsh Band – The Oopik Waltz

The Letterfrack School Group – Barn Dances

Mary Staunton & Andrew Murry – What Would You Do, Love

The Custy Family – Bunker Hill/Martin Wynne’s Reel

Mary O’Malley – The American Mor (Poem)

Conor Keane – Dancing on Mount Callen

The Sharon Shannon Band – The Hounds of Letterfrack

The Letterfrack School Group – The Swallows Tail/Lucy Farn’s (Hornpipes)

Phil Coyne – The Bogs of Shanaheever (Song)

Tola Custy & Marella Murray – Diamond Hill Waltz/Bach Amach (Waltz/Jig)

Paddy ‘Sinker’ McDonnell – The Derry Hornpipe/The Boys of Bluehill (Hornpipes)

Tommy Carew – Wild Mountain Thyme (Song)

The House Band – Salmon On The Rock (Reels)

Davy Spillane – Reprise: Port na bPucai


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